Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sorry, just had to add one more song from this band :D I really do love them.
2. Hum - Downward is heavenward

Well, when talking about space rock, one can't overlook HUM. These guys were active in the 90s aswell, I think they even reunited recently. Anyways, give this a listen and share your impressions in the comments. Here is my favourite song from hum, a really outstanding track from the album.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I think y'all have understood by now, that my real passion is music.
I listen alot and i would like to share some of the most underrated bands i've found.

1. Failure - Fantastic planet

The genre is space rock (not to be confused with Pink floyd sound) and their short-lived career lasted a few years in the 90s. This album is absolutely brilliant, truly unique. The band's first real single:
The video is so awesome that it gives me the creeps. Too bad they didn't make it big, i would suggest everyone to get that CD, it's definitely worth the cash.
Outstanding tracks:
Stuck on you
The nurse who loved me (my favourite)

Search on youtube if ur interested.
I'm out.


Since I play guitar, I think I could share some wisdom about that in here too.
A little picture for you all, this is my guitar:
This type of body is called SG ( which means solid guitar, not satan guitar like some people think because of the horns, hahah) and it was made famous by Angus Young from AC/DC among other musicians. The SG was first built by gibson as a lighter (and cooler) alternative to their earlier les paul model, which was and is to this day quite heavy.
Anyway, the guitar I have is not gibson, it's a cheap knock-off by some company called Harrison.
But that is not important, important is the fact that playing guitar helps one express his emotionst through music and i find it to be really beautiful and wonderful. Also, playing guitar does not require any kind of skill whatsoever, since everything about it comes with time. If you sat down every evening and played for, lets say, one hour, you would be the next Van Halen in no time!

Thanks for reading, dont be afraid to comment :):)

Also here's their first single!
Cool, isnt it?

Hey everyone!

I think my cat is sick. He just sits on one spot and isn't in a mood to do anything. I love him so much, it is really painful to see him like that. My mom says that if he won't be better tomorrow, we will have to take him to a vet.
Anyways, as you all can probably see from my profile picture, my favorite band is The Beatles.
Santa brought me a book about them for christmas, did you know that Paul and George were real swingers, John and Ringo on the other hand hung back and didn't take so much interest in one- nighters.
Also, when John's wife was about to give birth to his first child in 1963, John decided to go on a vacation with their manager, who was gay.
Can you guys imagine? John's wife in a hospital, giving birth to his first child and and John was in Barcelona, together with another man!
It has been confirmed though, that John was in fact not gay and that he was just fooling around. Quite strange nevertheless.

Hope you all learned something new here, till next time! :):)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

hello world

Hey peeps!

this is my first post, this is a foundation of something good, something beautiful, something extraordinaire to come. I believe that i can change the world and i am just going to do this with this blog.
We all need a little inspiration, so here's a quote for you all:

"Love is like a flower, give it time and it will grow"
John Lennon

Peace out