Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hey everyone!

I think my cat is sick. He just sits on one spot and isn't in a mood to do anything. I love him so much, it is really painful to see him like that. My mom says that if he won't be better tomorrow, we will have to take him to a vet.
Anyways, as you all can probably see from my profile picture, my favorite band is The Beatles.
Santa brought me a book about them for christmas, did you know that Paul and George were real swingers, John and Ringo on the other hand hung back and didn't take so much interest in one- nighters.
Also, when John's wife was about to give birth to his first child in 1963, John decided to go on a vacation with their manager, who was gay.
Can you guys imagine? John's wife in a hospital, giving birth to his first child and and John was in Barcelona, together with another man!
It has been confirmed though, that John was in fact not gay and that he was just fooling around. Quite strange nevertheless.

Hope you all learned something new here, till next time! :):)


  1. That is interesting... Hope you cat gets better though, following and expecting status updates on it!

  2. I'm also a beatles fan.
    Sorry about your cat hope it gets better!